Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ladies Night Out - Finish

 The 7th Ladies Night Out Gala to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness is coming soon -- March 15th.  My quilt donation has been finished and delivered -- and as you can see, I could not resist taking pictures of the quilt when I made the delivery to my friend Paul -- his yard is awesome!  A true work of art.

Another view of the yard -- the quilt was only a prop to get more pictures of the glorious pool.


gailss said...

Your quilt looks wonderful and the yard only enhances the quilt. For a very good cause and am sure they were very happy to get the quilt.

Angie said...

The quilt turned out lovely - thanks for sharing it and a glimpse of your friend's garden!

Pokey said...

It sure did finish lovely! You have a great setting, too...looking forward to those swimming days ahead ~

Karen said...

An awesome quilt. It enhances the scenery.

Sarah Craig said...

It's beautiful, Jamie!! Another awesome quilt for an awesome cause!!