Friday, February 15, 2019

Small Finishes

This year, I have made a personal goal to increase the number of charity children's quilts.  In addition to "Quilts For Kids"; I will be making quilts for the Petite Bijoux Project and Upside Downs.  

The mission of the Petite Bijoux Project is to provide parent care packages for preemies at the Terrebonne General Medical Center NICU patients.

"A Star is Born", finishes at 36" X 45" and uses black and white Kona with a dark gray (3 1/2" blocks) to make a popular Buffalo Print.  The addition of the star symbolizes the tiny, but mighty, preemie.

The mission of the Upside Downs, Inc. is to help the Down Syndrome community through new parent support, recreational activities, raising awareness and advocating for a brighter future.  The quilts received by Upside Down are part of care baskets gifted to new parents.   

My free block pattern, "Have Faith", was introduced in 2018 during Sarah's / Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Hands 2 Help Challenge.  Using nine (9) blocks, the Have Faith quilt below, finishes at 36" X 36". 

Saturday, February 9, 2019

2019 Rainbow Challenge - Yellow Hexagons

This simple technique for two-fabric hexagon blocks by Teresa Down Under, was the perfect addition to my 2019 Rainbow Block Challenge.  Teresa's video is so easy to follow .... AND .... so much fun, I can see this quilt will be huge ... or maybe I will need to make more than one.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Rainbow Challenge, Red/Yellow

The framing around the red hexagon diamond is finished and I have just starting the yellow. Because the black and white hexies are sashing, I won't need to frame all sides of the yellow.    More about the pattern here.   The designer Kathy did not have a special name, however I'm calling it "Kelly Girl"

Round three of blocks came from Angie's suggestion of string blocks.  Mine are finishing at 5", so I have made them 5 1/2" .....  haven't decided how many I'll make each month, so I'm starting with four.  I am sure there are enough yellow strings for next week.  

I have one more set of blocks to complete for my red month -- I'll wait until next week, as these have a special story and destination.

Special thanks to Angie at So Scrappy for hosting the annual Rainbow Challenge each year.  More trinkets for my B'Box (Box of Blocks).  

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Making Fabric For New Quilt

The Hands2Help Comfort Quilt Challenge for 2019, hosted by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict, is right around the corner.  This is Sarah's 9th year .... with participants growing in numbers.  

I have the cutest little pattern for the challenge this it is time to make some fabric, using the Mile-A-Minute/M-A-M method. The pattern requires several 6 1/2" Blocks and 4" Units (to make HST's later trimmed to 3 1/2").  Not to mention...this will help tame the scrap stash.

The pattern will remain under wraps for now .... however, if you are "making fabric" from your scraps, I just may have a idea for you.  More hints will come as we get closer to March 10th (the kick-off date of H2H).  

I also found this cute little basket at the Dollar Store, to keep next to my sewing machine.  As I continue sewing on other projects, I will keep making fabric from the basket.  

Confessions Of A Fabric Addict

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Rainbow challenge, Red Hexagons

It's a RED month -- my favorite color.  For a few years now, I have been drooling over a Rainbow Hexie Quilt found on Pinterest, designed and made by Kathy at Kelly Girl Quilts.  I contacted Kathy  for permission to use her design and she was gracious enough to also give me a few helpful hints.

Kathy used a 7/8" template from Moxyideas and cut each hexie by hand -- great patience. I had already used a Michael's coupon to purchase a 1" die punch and  started collecting magazine ads (you know, those postcard ads that fall out of our magazines).  It's probably been a couple of years of punching here and I have a box full of templates ... now I have an awesome project.

Not sure if you can see in the picture...I also punch a little hole in the center to make it easy to "pop out" the templates later.

Special thanks to Angie at So Scrappy for hosting the annual Rainbow Challenge each year.  Quilt designers use many different methods to form their ideas; I use the design wall.  I accumulate blocks for my B'Box (Box of Blocks) and play with them on the wall - the Rainbow Challenge is one of the ways to fill up a quilter's B'Box!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Rainbow Challenge, Red

A few weeks ago, I came across this video published by Teresa Down Under. A simple and fun little process for making hexagon blocks. I love the block so much, I have added it to my 2019 Rainbow Challenge. This talented designer has several videos and patterns available.

Linking up with:  2019 Rainbow Challenge, So Scrappy.  

Friday, January 11, 2019

Love Handles Quilt

A couple of months ago, this  pattern started calling my name.  With an over abundance of tropical fabrics in my stash, I knew this design would be fun to make.  "Love Handles", designed by Judy Dohrman for Black Cat Creations, is a modern version adapted from an antique block.  

The quilt, now at home with my daughter in law Rachel, was gifted to her at Christmas.  With all the rain and cloudy days, the final pictures had to wait for the sun to come out.