Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vintage Utility Quilt

 Vintage Thursday posts are everywhere, so I am also joining in  each week to share vintage items passed down from my maternal grandmother, Nana, as part of the year long celebration leading up to what would have been her 100th Birthday on October 14th.

If I am going to write about her, I thought a picture would help.  Above is my mother Joyce Marie and Lydia Theresa ("Nana").  In this picture, our mother was around 6, making Nana 30 years old.  

 The Utility Quilt above was originally made by Nana's mother (Granny Mary).

 A closer look, shows one the blocks originally used.  I will have to research what the name of this block is, but you can bet I will be reproducing this one soon.  Simple, yet each block looks so different depending on her choice of fabric.  Granny never used new fabric, but used everything  from the old clothes people gave her for quilting. The original was all hand quilted.

In the picture above, the binding was obviously replaced by Nana (by machine) using scraps of fabric she had.  Do you see the big X machine stitching next to the binding?  The worn blocks on the front were later replaced by Nana using other blocks she had on hand from her mother.

Batting?  Nope! Instead peeping out is the hint of a flannel, pale green striped blanket.  Nothing went to waste.

Another close up of an original block in different fabric -- this looked like old curtain fabric.

Then you will see on the right side, one of the blocks Nana machine sewed over a worn original block.

When our mom and dad moved us from Texas to Louisiana -- we made many trips home as I was growing up. Upon our arrival, Nana had pulled out the Utility Quilts and then stored them back in the closet after we left.  I guess the quilts are in pretty good shape considering there were four of us grandkids born in 5 years.


connie in louisiana said...

Just love seeing you great grandmother's quilt and the picture of your mom & grandmother. I also like the way the block made of what looks like curtain fabric looks like it was pieced together before it was cut to make the X block. Love vintage thursday.

connie in louisiana

Sarah Craig said...

What a neat old quilt!! Truly a treasure!!

gailss said...

Really nice memories for you Jamie and the quilt is just wonderful. Nothing ever went to waste back nice. Thanks

P. said...

What a good way to celebrate your quilting heritage and the memory of your Nana. Enjoyed seeing the old utility quilt. I bet it'll be fun to reproduce that block.