Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Finishes

Although the quilts were shown right after they were quilted, I never came back and shared them all finished, bound and delivered.  For Christmas, I pull one name from those who work on the last day before the holidays.  Angela (left) won this year!  I have spoken of her before -- the Dumpster Diva!  This girl has a nose for finding the best stuff along highways, garage sales and yes, even the dumpsters.  

On Christmas Eve, the quilt above was opened by a special 3-year old, Grace.  The fabric used to make this quilt came from her Great Grandmother.  As you can see below, she loved it.  Sound asleep below.  Her Pawpaw also showed me a picture of her using it as a tent -- wish I would have asked for a copy.

For my finishes, I am heading over to link up with Sarah, Confessions of a Fabric Addict, for sharing with others - See ya there.


LynCC said...

awww :)

Mrs.Hearts said...

Sweet quilt from a grandmother's fabrics!

Sarah Craig said...

Both are beautiful, but I especially like the 3-yr old's quilt - such gorgeous fabrics! Whoop whoop!!