Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Utility Quilt #1 Done

 Yesterday, Sarah asked me why we call them "Utility" Quilts.  This is the term Nana used to describe her quilts, with the expectation of being used a lot.  Just out of curiosity  I Googled the term and found various descriptions ..... functional, simple, those with few frills and durable.

 The backing was pulled from the stash, with only the goal of "fitting" - not necessarily matchy-matchy.  The quilt finished at 60 x 72 -- good snuggle size.  

Next Monday, my sister Phyllis and I have a holiday from work.  We will be sitting for our little Jolie (now 8 months old) and having a binding marathon.  I will attempt the machine bindings and of course she will handle the hand bindings. Let's see if Jolie will want to help -- she is growing so fast and is everywhere.  I don't think the other kids will be off that day, but I love to watch her interact with her cousins.


Charlene S said...

My T-Mom called them "under-the-bed" or at least that was the translation from the Cajun term she used. The tops were not expected to be beautiful b/c skills were learned on them. They were used to protect the mattress from the iron springs and on really cold nights..

gailss said...

Looks like a really comfy quilt and just the right size for a lap or throw on a sofa. Must make you happy to see another one done.
Thanks, gail

Debbie said...

I've enjoyed hearing about your utility quilt projects. I find it so wonderful that despite your grandmother's ailing health...sewing was there for her.

Michelle said...

I've always figured that utility quilts were quilts that were meant to be used -- the opposite of "heirloom."

Linda said...

Love this quilt! Glad you showed us the back!!! Great job, Jamie!
Cookie in Mandeville

Sarah Craig said...

I love the colors and design of this quilt. It's funny - I've always been drawn more to what your grandmother would call "utility" quilts than to heirloom quilts - they just seem to have so much more character in them!