Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of Month Report -- WOW!

What a month! For Judy's Monochromatic Challenge, I just started Red 3 days ago! My favorite color and it was due today. No problem, I am quilting the Orange Quilt first (April's color), next is H2H Blue/Yellow for charity, then the Red quilt below. If I would make them smaller, I probably would get more done. Oh Well. Then, there is the Drunkard's Path ... it is for a fund raiser, however it will be quilted by a long-armer.

The pattern chosen for my Red quilt is "Stars Over Scott". I love this pattern (maybe because it is named for my son :). A little smaller than my original pattern, I started with 10" squares my sister made from a huge collection of our fabric, cutting them down into 5" squares. Same instructions, except the block finishes to 4" square.

On Memorial Day, I headed to Hancock's to buy a box of batting (40% off), with another 10% coupon. I must have ran into a dozen quilty friends. It turns out, Alice and Mary Ann are also making "Stars Over Scott"! Alice is using several colors of reds, greens, blues ... and Mary Ann browns and greens. I can't wait to see them finished and able to share here.

Speaking of sharing -- Cherie over at Quilted Jonquil has made "Kristy's Dream" for her granddaughter, Liliana Sofia (such a sweet baby). My niece Kristy will be so flattered!

On a Blogger Note: Over the weekend, I upgraded to Internet 9 Explorer (I9E). Everything went wacky! I could not publish anything. For those of you having Blogger trouble after upgrading ... I closed out everything, then restarted the internet using Google Chrome and it is working again. Thank Goodness! I started this post Monday night -- so it only took 24 hours to publish.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I couldn't find the link up with your Stash Manicure Banner quilt, but congratulations for being chosen for such a wonderful quilt.

Sandi Linn Andersen said...

Blogger issues are driving some of us crazy. It is no possible to comment on some blogs. Hope this one works as want to say congrats on having your quilt chosen for the Stash Manicure banner. Very nice!!!! I sure hope Blogger gets things fixed so that we can all stay in touch easily once again.

Mary said...

My Red quilt for the Monchromatic Challenge isn't quilted yet either. Glad to see your red and white blcoks. Naming quilts after the grandchildren sounds fun. Some of our made-up names might not apply to regular blocks, LOL.