Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of Month Report -- WOW!

What a month! For Judy's Monochromatic Challenge, I just started Red 3 days ago! My favorite color and it was due today. No problem, I am quilting the Orange Quilt first (April's color), next is H2H Blue/Yellow for charity, then the Red quilt below. If I would make them smaller, I probably would get more done. Oh Well. Then, there is the Drunkard's Path ... it is for a fund raiser, however it will be quilted by a long-armer.

The pattern chosen for my Red quilt is "Stars Over Scott". I love this pattern (maybe because it is named for my son :). A little smaller than my original pattern, I started with 10" squares my sister made from a huge collection of our fabric, cutting them down into 5" squares. Same instructions, except the block finishes to 4" square.

On Memorial Day, I headed to Hancock's to buy a box of batting (40% off), with another 10% coupon. I must have ran into a dozen quilty friends. It turns out, Alice and Mary Ann are also making "Stars Over Scott"! Alice is using several colors of reds, greens, blues ... and Mary Ann browns and greens. I can't wait to see them finished and able to share here.

Speaking of sharing -- Cherie over at Quilted Jonquil has made "Kristy's Dream" for her granddaughter, Liliana Sofia (such a sweet baby). My niece Kristy will be so flattered!

On a Blogger Note: Over the weekend, I upgraded to Internet 9 Explorer (I9E). Everything went wacky! I could not publish anything. For those of you having Blogger trouble after upgrading ... I closed out everything, then restarted the internet using Google Chrome and it is working again. Thank Goodness! I started this post Monday night -- so it only took 24 hours to publish.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Design Wall - Drunkard's Path

The Drunkard Path can be easy -- I still use the "old fashioned" method (with a little rotary help) -- and NO PINS! Already on hand, I used a pattern which finished a 3" block. I enlarged the two pattern units A & B (without seam allowance) on a copy machine to 6", then added the 1/4" seam allowance.

I glued the A & B pattern units to card board stock and cut out.

Cut 6 1/2" strips (WOF) from both the white and med-dark fabrics. Placing the "A" template on the strips and traced. I was able to cut 8 units per strip. What you don't see are the two layers of med-dark under the white.

For the "B" unit, use 4 1/2" strips, same method --- trace and cut.

Now -- a closeup of the TWEEZERS -- my favorite tool. I notch the curved center of both A & B units. starting from the top, I sew VERY slowly and if I am "off", I will see it by mid-way (the notches need to line up midway). Admission: "I did have to use the ripper 3 times"! Not bad on all the ones finished.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Finish - Stars Over Scott

A scrappy 76" x 86" quilt using 168 - 6 1/2" squares (84 Light, 84 Med-Dark); 3/4 yard for the inside border, 2 1/2 yards for outside border (if cutting length of fabric) or 1 3/4 yard (if cutting width of fabric), 3/4 yard for binding and 5 1/2 yards for backing.

Closeup of the quilting.

Making the block:

Using 6 1/2" squares of one each light and med-dark, place right sides together, draw a line diagonally down the center, sewing 1/4" on each side of the line. Cut diagonally in half (as shown) along the drawn line. Open and press the half square triangles, trim to a perfect 5 1/2" square. Using the layout below, sew 12 blocks across, with 14 rows down.

Inside: Sew together 7 - 2 1/2" strips diagonally and cut 2 - 70 1/2" strips for the sides, 2 - 64 1/2" strips for the top and bottom.

Outside: Cutting from the Length of fabric, cut 2 - 6 1/2" x 74 1/2" strips for the sides, 2 - 6 1/2" x 76 1/2" for the top and bottom.

Binding: 9 - 2 1/2" strips, joined diagonally.

That's it -- one block, quick and easy.

Now, I am heading over to Sarah's to link up to her Whoop Friday at Confessions for a Fabric Addict.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stash Report, Brown Challenge

Yesterday, I finally revealed my "Brown Quilt", in the Monochromatic Challenge hosted by Judy. These quilts (made 2 of them) actually filled a few goals, The Challenge, A Gift, A Donation to the local Children's Home, A Pattern and A Class with our local guild.

The quilt I lovingly named for my son, "Stars over Scott", is done except for the binding, so I am counting it finished. I will reveal it on Friday (with a pattern) ..... here is a glimpse during the quilting.

On the other side, I have been shopping .... only to finish quilts, so I guess that is good.

Report To Date:

Used (finished) since last report, (34.50)
Finished To date, (79.40)
Purchased, 16.5
Purchased To Date, 65.25
Net Busted, (14.15) --- Goal is (150)

I am joining several others and linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times. Be sure to visit and check out the other reports.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The DJ Quilt and Pattern

Needing a masculine and simple quilt, I was inspired from a favorite shirt to create The DJ Quilt. The free PDF Pattern is available here. With enough fabric to make two tops, they were started and finished in one weekend. I sandwiched both, and started quilting on the first one until I had enough practice on the different designs, then moved over to the gifted top.

Since the sample quilt also turned out pretty good, it will be donated to the local Children's home -- our guild is a little short on quilts for the young boys.

On Friday, The DJ Quilt class was presented at our local guild meeting. Before coming home, I took a few pictures of some of their color variations which are below. Sat down at the computer, NO INTERNET! After waiting, waiting, and more waiting, I just checked the wires ... it helps to replug everything! Sorry cable company, I take back everything I said.

Thank goodness Sarah leaves her Friday Linky Party open until tonight. I am heading over to her Confessions of a Fabric Addict right now.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The DJ Quilt is coming Friday

What I have been doing ... Quilting Tops .... you can always tell when it gets quiet on this site. I have finished one, have one pinned and ready, another one with the binding needed, another one waiting for the border to be sewn on .... nothing different from most of you guys out there.

But, here is a little peek at what is coming Friday, all finished. Inspired by a favorite shirt, I have kept this one under wraps. The "DJ Quilt" (named for a nephew), will be my brown project for Judy's Patchwork Times Monochromatic Challenge (March) AND .... will be a class this Friday with our guild. It is masculine and simple -- can't wait.

See ya Friday....

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Design Wall -- H2H Update & Little Quilter

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day Weekend -- we were so busy, this is the first time I have touched my computer in several days! I did manager to sew of course, finishing the blocks for the H2H Challenge. The blocks are labeled and stacked on the side of my machine waiting to be sewn together.

On Saturday, my sister Phyllis and I had a Mother's Day with her 2 granddaughters ... shopping, pedicures and lunch. While at her house, I took a picture of her design wall. No, this is not my sister's quilt, it is her granddaughter's. Alexis is 5 (youngest of 3) and has been sewing now for almost a year. Phyllis does the cutting and pinning, but Alexis does all the sewing! The other two, Alissa and Austin also sew quilt tops. Austin was fishing, so I will show his quilt another day.

If you want to see other Design Walls - visit Judy at Patchwork Times. I will be linking up and checking out the others.

Friday, May 6, 2011

H2H - Friday Update

Working on the Hands 2 Help Blocks, using the swapped fabric from KatyQ and a little of my own. These rail fence blocks are finished at 8", with 2 - 2" strips (WOF) and 1 - 5 1/2" strip (WOF), cut to 8 1/2" blocks. Very simple, with lots of impact when several fabrics are used. Most of the blocks will stay in the blue family, however I will be throwing in more yellows and maybe a little green (maybe).

The Hands 2 Help Challenge and Whoop Whoop Fridays are hosted by my friend Sarah, over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Be use to visit her today to see who else is linking up.