Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Finally -- I can Share!

Our local guild will be meeting at the end of this week! Within our guild, I belong to a couple of little side bees. One, we play along with the reality show "Survivor". The other, is the "Fabric Challenge Bee". A year ago, our Bee Leader Mary Lea found the fabric from a Jackie Robinson collection and our challenge was to use the fabric in a quilty project. The big reveal is this week, so I feel safe showing you some of the work in progress. This year, my project gave me a chance to clean out the purple, lavender and fushia stash. Other than the "challenge" fabric, I did not buy anything.

As we approach the holidays, most of my projects are of the secret nature. BUT, I will show as much as possible, without spilling any beans.


Shasta said...

They are beautiful colors. You're right, sometimes it is difficult to blog when you are making gifts for other people. My family doesn't read my blog much, and I went ahead and posted things last year without saying who the recipient was. If anyone wasn't surprised, they didn't let on.

QuiltSue said...

Your WIP looks intriguing.I love the colours you're using.