Friday, November 26, 2010

Mystery Quilt and Moda Project

I am still a fairly new blogger, and now that we are approaching the holidays, I can see where it will be very difficult to show what I am working on. With time home for the holidays, I have been behind the machine quilting tops. Every so often, I need a break, so I am digging through my 2" strips and cutting a few from my stash of pinks and greens for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt -- Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll.

There is no way I will be able to start and finish this one before the holidays, however I will work on it after Christmas. I will keep the strips on the side of the sewing machine and slip in a few here and there while piecing other projects. I made the Carolina Christmas in 2010 for the local "Relay for Cancer Walk".

Now here is a quilt that I cannot wait to show viewers -- it will be on the Moda Bake Shop soon. I am actually doing the hand work --- but thought I would give you a sneak peek from a recent picture while quilting. The fabric is from Barbara Brackman's new line "A Morris Tapestry". The collection is STUNNING! I only hope the pictures will do this collection justice. It is so delicate and feminine .... with Barbara's attention to detail perfecting the true essence of the art of tapestry. Can you tell that I am in love with this fabric? So much so .... that I will add a few surprise accessories.

While the whole town is out shopping today, I will be staying home. There are left-overs in the refrigerator, so I will not be cooking either. Just sewing and watching movies.


Tamera said...

No shopping for me, either!

Hope you have a great day.

Linda said...

I am doing Bonnie's mystery quilt too. It's fun so far. Just going to start Clue#2 in a few minutes. Wow, those Brackman fabrics are so beautiful. Im in love with those feathers too!

QuiltSue said...

Those fabrics are beautiful and so is the quilting. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole quilt.