Thursday, February 18, 2010

We can't take it with us!

Most of us have a stash that will last a life time. I have fabric from my great-grandmother who died in 1968 and grandmother who died in 2006. Our Mom did not quilt, but she left behind garmet fabric (and knits). I read the posts and comments on Judy Laquidara's site ( regarding our precious fabrics and tops being sold at estate or garage sales. OR WORSE......being tossed!
A friend Angela, LOVES garage sales and "dumpster diving" looking for dishes -- well not really dumsters -- more like "side of the road piles" Last year, Angela found a couple of quilt tops someone tossed -- TOSSED, both hexagons. One was double knit, the other, a hand-pieced top using feed sacks and fabrics dating back many years. Someone put many hours and love into this quilt, only to be tossed. I am handquilting the top to finish her work. Who knows, maybe I will pick up a quardian angel.
That reminds me...I need to write something in my will...oh wait...I need to write a will.

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Camille said...

Wait, that quilt was tossed? THAT quilt? I'm so glad it was rescued. Guardian angel worthy, for sure. :-)