Saturday, February 20, 2010

Machine Quilting Surface

This is my homemade sewing table. Several years ago, I wanted to start machine quilting, however it was difficult with my little Singer and no surface.

I went to a local lumber yard with my hand drawn dimensions and asked the salesman if someone there could cut the wood...they did. I just needed to pick it up the next day. I purchased a piece of scrap wood, a package of legs (they came in four), sandpaper, a can of paint and headed home.

I measured the height of the sewing machine from table to base so the next day they could also cut the legs down. I sanded, painted, waited and then I was ready to start machine quilting.

As you can see, several years later, my table has served me well. Poor thing is so worn from the pins and general use. I drag her everywhere as she is very portable.
When I upgraded to the Janome 6500, my BIL opened the hole up to fit the bigger machine. Added these push pin felt "thing-ies" (is there such a word) to raise the height of the table.
Would I do something different... probably would make it a little longer on the right side to hold more gadgets and my cup of coffee. I have no clue what type of wood this is. But I am happy and bet I spent a whole $25! She may cost a little more now.
Here are the dimensions:
36" x 24"
Hole for machine -- whatever size your machine needs
Space on the right -- 3" (would rather 5")
Space in the front of hole -- 6" (perfect)
My portable surface table now rests on the narrow side of a 48 x 84 sheet of laminated pressboard sitting on two peddle machine bases -- but it works just as well on top of the kitchen table.


bettyp said...

That was a very smart design for a quilting table !!

FabricsNQuilts said...

You are brilliant! I know I am not alone thinking you HAD to cut a new complete table!

n/a said...

I am definitely going to make this. I have a Brother that came with an extension but the legs are are ways collapsing.