Monday, November 11, 2019

Veteran Quilts - Star Cruising

To all of our Veterans, we are so THANKFUL for your service.  Our local guild's annual challenge for 2019 was dedicated to Veterans. Our members made in excess of 40 quilts, which are being presented to many deserving veterans. 

  Above, Margaret Rau made her Veterans Quilt, with her own Eagle Design showcased in the center ---- her applique work is amazing.  Margaret used our pattern "Star Cruising", published by Black Cat Creations. 

A closeup of Margaret's Eagle.  Thank you Margaret for sharing your quilt. 

The above Veterans Quilt is my challenge quilt and is made from the same pattern, Star Cruising.  This Quilt of Valor will be presented to a family member.  

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mamanita10 said...

That is a beautiful pattern and quilt that you designed and made! Margaret’s version was stunning!