Saturday, May 28, 2016

2016 Hands2Help Quilts

Em's Scrapbag has already received and delivered my 2016 H2H Quilt.  I used a large stash of 2 1/2" squares and strips on the design wall, ending up with a HUGE finish (no pattern available).  The second quilt (Short Stacks) was sent out to Texas (my home state) to the Covered in Love Program (East Texas Medical Center).  Unfortunately, in my rush to mail it, forgot to take a picture.

This was my 6th year (and 7 quilts) with Sarah, with Confessions of a Fabric Addict H2H,   I can't wait to see how many participated this year -- I am sure the number is growing.  Congratulations Sarah on another successful year.


Karen said...

Very pretty quilt. It is alway fun to use our scraps. Someone is going to love this quilt.

Sarah Craig said...

Oh my goodness, Jamie, I love this! Do you mind if I back-engineer a pattern? It's awesome! Thanks for being such a long-time supporter of H2H!!

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