Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Still Quilting Tops

Here is the Church Fair Quilt -- I will show you the finished job on Friday.

I used feathers for the center blocks and changed up in the four corners. The borders are feathers again -- of course my favorite.

A peep at the backing. Still waiting in line -- the Red and Pink Monochromatics, the RRCB (Bonnie Hunter's Mystery) and in the side lines, an "almost" finished green monochromatic. I will soon catch up and start piecing again -- and yes, my posting will soon be regular again.

If only all the ideas in my head can make it to the machine -- but then, aren't we all like this!

AND....a very special Happy Birthday to both my sister Rayna and her hubby Norman AND ... Happy Wedding Anniversary! I wonder if they planned those dates!


Sandy said...

Love your quilt! Is it one of your patterns?

Sarah Craig said...

Beautiful quilting, Jamie! And I feel your pain - I'm still quilting tops too!!

Cathy said...

Your quilting looks great. I have a similar stack of quilts waiting for quilting, someday.

Diane E W said...

Always love your quilts. Can't wait to see the whole thing. You have a way with colors and the quilting....oh my!!