Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Design Wall and a Finish

The church quilt is done and on its way to Eagle Lake, Texas. I loved making this quilt -- the fall colors all worked so well together, even though they came from several different collections.

I don't make wine or cheese, however I believe that aging is needed. Well ..... my fabric never goes out of style, each piece ages gracefully and gets better with time. Both quilts shown today have a few pieces from new and old stashes.

My Green Monochromatic is actually 99% done, however I thought I would show the stages as it was growing. Sorta of a teaser -- not really, but since it is so simple, I thought I would stretch out the reveal and show how I design directly on the wall.

And since I just came home from work (long day!), I am now jumping over to Judy's Patchwork Times to see what other design wall are waiting to visit.


Sarah Craig said...

The church quilt is spectacular - beautiful work!! And I love the "teaser" of your monochromatic green!

Kristen said...

Once again...absolutely amazing...and glad to see that others use their old stash too! :)

Quiltsmiles said...

JAmie, congrats on anothe rgogeous finish! I really Love that Church quilt design and am thinking of starting a quilt for my bedroom with the Moda Line, Pom Pom de Paris and I think this would be perfect. How did you make your star blocks? It looks like a 12" finished block made from a 6x6 grid of HSTs. WHat is the name of this patterm? Thanks and I love your quilt! Jane