Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stash Report and EQ Layout of Stars

I recently finished this top using years of border scraps. When I finish quilting it, I will provide the instructions, which should take me about 5 minutes, since the block is a simple "Half Square Triangle". I still don't design in EQ, however it is great for documenting those designed on my wall.

My stash report looks much better this week. I have two (2) quilts to count as done -- both will be shown with my Friday Finishes.

Finished this week, (24.75)

Finished year to date, (44.90)

Purchased this week, 5 (for a backing)

Purchased year to date, 48.75

Net, 3.85 --- getting closer to breaking even, then I will start busting toward the 150 Goal for 2011.

I will be linking up with Judy, so for more Stash Reports, visit Patchwork Times.


Sue Daurio said...

Thanks so much for the EQ layout!! I love this quilt. You know you really should make a book. I definitely would by it. I have at least 4 of your quilts on "quilts to make list".

Crystal Hendrix said...

I really like that layout! Can't wait until you have the instructions up! The layout works best but it helps to have some instructions.

Sarah Craig said...

It's so pretty, Jamie - I don't know how you keep coming up with these great designs, but don't stop!! Can't wait for the directions....

Debbiet said...

I am the coordinator for the Woodford County Quilt Trail (barn quilts). Would you mind if I suggest this pattern as one of our potential barn quilts? You may find out more about us by visiting or Like us on Facebook. Thank you. Love this pattern! Debbie Tichenor

tanyascakes said...

Hi. I recently made a quilt top from looking at this picture on Pinterest. I sent it off to be quilted and my LAQ wants to write about it on her blog. She wants to give you credit for the design, so she was asking about the designer. Can I give her your information? All I have is Jaime in Louisiana to give her. I appreciate the time you took to make this beautiful pattern. I loved it for my son, it is his birthday quilt! Thank you for sharing it with us! Please let me know if I can share this information for her to put it on her blog.
Tanya H

Jamie in Louisiana said...

Hi Tanya

You have certainly made my day. This quilt was designed and named for my son Scott. I am very flattered your long arm quilter wants to post your quilt and give me credit for the pattern. Please let her know that it is ok, and be sure to let me know when the post is there and I will in turn post a link from my blog so my readers can see the work of you both.

Carla T said...

I did not see the pattern anywhere, though you said after it was finished you would post it?
Yummy pattern!

Simply, Sarah said...

I love this design and hope it's ok that I posted the 2 quilts I've made with it so far, plus a link to this page (along with your design picture) on my blog. If you'd like any of that removed, please let me know. The recipients love their quilts!
Thank you so much for some inspiration.