Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stash Report -- I Slipped!

When it is $3.00 a yard and neutral -- it is a given, BUY IT -- all of it! Considering I have gone through mounds of my light backgrounds for the Card Trick String Pieced Top and Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt, I gave myself permission to buy this. Also picked up a couple of pieces of Kona Cotton in Stone and Sand colors. The downside, I dipped below my 100 yard Stash Busting Goal.

Stash Report:

Finished this week, -0- (Almost, but not close enough to count)
Used To Date, (394.60)
Purchased this week, 17 yards (ouch - but worth it)
Purchased year to date, 298.90
Net Busted, (95.70)

For more Stash Reports, let's all visit Judy at Patchwork Times!


Tamera said...

Well, a girl's gotta have background fabric!

Kate said...

I learned the hard way this year that you have to have the background fabric to use the other fabric. Still being 5 yards off the goal isn't too bad, 95 yards out is great!

Sarah Craig said...

So finish 5 yards worth in the next week, and you'll be back on top! Great find!!

Jo said...

Don't fret...You have time yet to recoup 5 yards. Bonnie's neutrals for the RRCB kicked my neutrals in the butt too. I am really tempted to go over to Whittles online and get some. I make mostly scrappy quilt so the print style doesn't really matter. They always have great deals.

katie z. said...

You have time, and you're doing great!

Michelle said...

At that price, slipping is understandable. :-)

Charlene S said...

I quite understand. BQ had a sale with Fairy Frost at $4.00 and if I had had money I would have taken advantage of it. Hopefully it will still be there Tuesday.

Quiltsmiles said...

I don;t think that's a slip, just plan smart! If you have any left over, I'd be willing to buy a yard of this off you. My FIL collects keys and this would be great to do a project I have in mind for him.

PS: Your numbers look great!

Quiltsmiles said...

I didn't have your email address but wanted to thank you for that piece of fabric. It's perfect!
Sorry to hear about your loss too. I hope time and prayers will ease your family's hearts. Absolutely love the monochromatic quilt, the look of yoru RRCB and the striped card trick quilts. All beautiful!