Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Retreat Quilters - Final Tour

Joyce is modeling her beautiful framed flowers. Each block introduced us to a new scene in her garden.
Ann's applique project of hearts and vines was beautifully done. Notice the heavy duty freezer paper she is using -- ummmm -- might need to try this.

What do you think of Luci's block? Guess what - it is the back! Can you imagine something more perfect, look below at the front. Luci is using a pattern called Eagle Creek designed by Patricia Cox.

Mary's machine embroidered blocks from the Jewels in Chocolate pattern by Sarah Vedeler Designs was outstanding. I only wish the camera could have captured the amazing work.
Sorry to say, this was the last of my tour of the Stone Creek Lodge during one of many scheduled retreats. A special thank you to Sharon for allowing us to visit her lodge and put this on my wish list of places to run away to.
Early this morning, I came across Lizziebeth's blog post of her adventures at the Lodge, so hop on over if you want to see more talented quilters having fun on a retreat.

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