Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Design Wall & Columbus Day

I am still quilting tops, however I made a few blocks with the pattern I am writing using an alternate scheme -- Christmas Colors. This will probably be a square table topper, but since I really like making this block, it may be larger.

Today is Columbus Day -- I have to work. Depending on where you live, Columbus Day is either celebrated in a big way or not at all. For me, it is a big thing.... I was born in the small town of Columbus, Texas. Although I have lived in south Louisiana most of my life, I still have family and friends there. So.....for those who celebrate, have a Great Day!

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Vicki said...

Love the Christmas colorway for your pattern!! I have to work too but I remember there was a time when we didn't go to school. I think the mail doesn't run here still. I have Veteran's Day off in Nov so I am looking forward to that!! Have a great day.

Teaquilts said...

Jamie I like the setting for your quilt.

AnnieO said...

Great looking blocks, lots of movement and interest.

No days off for us until Thanksgiving, but we are closed the entire week after Christmas so that makes up for those off days we don't get.

Loris said...

I like where this quilt is going :-) Hope to do one someday too!

Diane said...

I had to work too! I like your blocks.