Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quilts with Family

It was a gorgeous weekend in East Texas --- perfect for pictures. Above, my brother Tiger and sister in law Christine's oldest daughter Kristy Lynn, with her namesake "Kristy's Dream". Her dream -- to be a great mom -- can you tell her dream came true below -- FOUR times!!!! Kristy and her husband Mike are so blessed.

Alleigh Joyce (named for our mother Joyce Marie) and Emma Grace, the two oldest girls enjoying the sun on their identical quilts made last year. They share a pink bedroom, with pink twin beds, pink accessories,!

Back in June, I featured finished Quilts #20 and #21 -- Red/White Coins waiting for delivery to Kristy's two youngest girls, McKinley Nicole, 4-months and below Piper Michaell. Aren't they adorable?

Tuesday -- Missy Marie (with Missy's Fall Garden).


Sandy said...

Thanks Jamie for sharing your beautiful family and quilts!

Vicki said...

great pictures of the family and the quilts are a nice addition!! Awww, what little sweeties .

bettyp said...

Beautiful family and beautiful quilts too!!!!

gailss said...

Love these pictures of both your beautiful family and quilts. The girls are so lucky to have such talented familys. Thanks, Gail