Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekly Stash Report / Comment Answers

Weekly Stash Report

Used (Finished) this week, (6.50)
Year To Date Finished, (140.75)
Added this week, -0-
Added Year To Date, 87.675
Net Year To Date, (53.10)

Beautiful weather has kept me outside, however I have almost finished the top, "Peaches and Dream", from Judy Laquidara's Seminar Class. I don't add anything to my "used" stash report until the tops are quilted and bound (before handwork) -- I need all of the incentive I can get!

I have also been doing a little web shopping. It is very hard to get solid Kona Cotton locally in the snow white and black. week, I may have a little "blurp" in the added section.

Answers to past comments:

Yes, I do all of my own quilting. I currently own a Janome 6500, however I have also quilted on my old Singer. One day, I really hope to have a mid-arm.

Yes, I work outside the home. I am one of the blessed people who have great job I love as much as quilting. However, in my obituary I hope to be remembered as quilter. My great grandmother was a nurse/mid-wife, but died a quilter. My grandmother worked in a department store over 35 years, but died a quilter.

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Mary-Kay said...

You are right. Who wants to be remembered as whatever they did for a living. I'm like you, I rather be remembered as a quilter.

Vicki said...

I love your quilts in previous posts. I would like to get my numbers as high as your, very nice.