Saturday, September 22, 2018

Dark Blue Stars, B'Box Quilt Top

This week, I finished the dark blue stars. As fall approaches (even though it is still in the 90's down in south Louisiana), I am preparing for the assembly of charity quilts, pattern samples, gifts and quilted decorations. 

Its also time to start pulling from my overflowing B'Box (a box of blocks).  Boys and girls have their Box of LEGO Blocks, quilters have their B'Box(es).  Randomly pulling and playing with blocks from a variety of shapes and colors is so satisfying ..... and sometimes .... those blocks never make it back into the B'Box.  

From the B'Box to design wall:  dark red and blue expanded 9 patches and double half square triangles (half-framed).  A Quilt of Valor will be assembled by combining these two sets of blocks, then adding a couple of borders. 

Linking up with So Scrappy for the 2018 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

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Chantal said...

And teenagers have their XBox, lol. I love your combo of blocks. It makes a very interesting pattern. Great call on these blocks. ;^)

Vicki in MN said...

I really like the layout/combination of those 2 blocks.