Saturday, July 14, 2018

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Red!

My red stash is always low ... it is my favorite color, so I tend to pull from this section more often.  I have only made four of the 4 patch/9 patch blocks (usually make 8); however I will need to actually cut from yardage for the rest of the month -- not a bad thing.

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Frédérique said...

Lovely blocks! I had to do the same as you will, cut from stash and not from scraps, but for the teal blocks... you are right, not a bad thing ;))

Kathy S. said...

My red scrap bin is in the middle compared to other fabrics. I often have trouble getting my reds to play nicely with each other. Orange is a my go to quilt color. Love your blocks.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Have fun creating NEW scraps!!!

Susan said...

Great scrap blocks, and good leader enders, too. If you have to cut from yardage, you are still using stash. =)