Friday, April 13, 2018

Mystic Ponds Finish

My sweet hubby installed hooks on our patio for me to take pictures (I think he was tired of holding my quilts for photos).  I had a huge box of batik scraps and decided one of my patterns, "Mystic Ponds" would be perfect.  Taking a few liberties with the pattern, I made the quilt a little scrappier and widened the border.  I wanted to only use the stash on hand, so some of the pieces were smaller than called for.    

A sneak at the backing fabric - I tend to buy large pieces when they are on sale, so they don't always match perfectly.  However, it works.

For the quilting .... freehand swirls.

Mystic Ponds

Pattern Used:  Mystic Ponds
Published by:  Black Cat Creations
60" square

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Sarah Craig said...

That's beautiful, Jamie! I saw that pattern advertised on the back of Summer Wedding and thought it looked like fun - now I know it would be! Love it with the batiks!