Friday, February 9, 2018

Samantha Claire Finish

This quilt is mine!  With the first two "Samantha Claire's" traveling with Black Cat Creations, I really wanted to make one of my own.  I love to make little units as a "Leader/Enders" all year, so it came together quickly.  Perfect size to drape over my new bedroom lazy-boy chair.  

Pattern:  "Samantha Claire"
Size:  65" Square
Designed for Black Cat Creations

The real excitement -- I was able to use this fabric that I purchased about 20 years ago.  I only had 4 yards, so I kept it around until the perfect project came along -- one that would be mine to keep.  Looking closer, it was designed by THE Jean Wells! (c1995).  I am a big fan of both Jean and her daughter Valori Wells, so this was a nice surprise.  


Debbie Huber said...

Love the back! Makes me giggle and a Jean Wells at that! Not that I don't love the front. great overall design with your 9 patches. So cool. Great finish

Ramona said...

Oh how fun! Your backing fabric is awesome. The top is gorgeous, too, but I'd almost have to have it back side up. :) Great finish!

Lynette said...

This is a nice scrappy quilt - LOVE that backing.

Jack Suzen said...

This is really beautiful designs of quilt. Your blog always inspires me to try new things with DIY.

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