Friday, December 8, 2017

T-Shirt Quilt Finish

We have had a rainy week (now snowing), so I only have inside pictures of an already darker quilt.  A high school graduation gift - my first T-Shirt quilt.  I made a couple of practice blocks with old glad I did.  To those who make the T-Shirt Quilts for a living-- bless you!   

Loaded on the long arm and basted the whole quilt first, then went back and quilted in a circular pattern. it is fresh off the long arm frame.  I am hoping for a picture (outside) when presented to my great nephew.


The Joyful Quilter said...

Great job on your first T-Quilt!!! Really smart idea to make a test block. I only WISH that I had thought to do a practice block when I made my first!! I learned a LOT on that quilt (that YOU saved yourself from by testing first.)

Lynette said...

Nice job, Janice! I've got several bags of shirts from the girls' teen years that I need to do something with. . . Did you interface your shirts first? What did you use?

Sandy said...

I just cut the shirts apart for my first T-shirt quilt. I'm liking your idea of using an old shirt for practice first. Yours turned out great!

Sarah Craig said...

What a great quilt! You did good!! Whoop whoop!!