Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Thunderbirds Show and Tell

As I begin the wings for a light-medium blue Thunderbirds Quilt -- baby size -- I looked back at my earlier versions.  The Red/White colorway was to be mine, although my husband has taken possession (the guy who loves everything blue).

The blue/white below was gifted to a retiring friend.

This cute pink/white with accents of green was donated to a fund raiser for Breast Cancer Awareness (Loved this one).

The scrappy multi color version headed to Texas to raise funds for my nephews baseball team -- also made a multi-color batik version for the Cover Shot of the pattern, now traveling with Black Cat Creations.

And....if you don't like using scrappy "strings" for the wings, use a stripe fabric.

Pattern:  Thunderbirds for Black Cat Creations
Designer:  Jamie Janow Elfert
Size:  80" x 80"

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