Monday, November 17, 2014

Saintly Pinwheels

It seems that I love the beginning process of quiltmaking the best.  I finished the Churn Dash borders and backing for quilting, but started putting together this Black/Gold/White top during the New Orleans Saints game yesterday. 

I have made this quilt before a few years ago for a retiring employee.    A reader Jenn found it and saw the potential in the colors for Purdue.  The top was born on the wall, so there are no formal instructions.  I am making the one above a little different (more blocks no borders).  However, here are a few notes:
  • 4-patches of white/gold, using 2 1/2" squares (2 of each color), finishing at 4".
  • The pinwheels of black/white use 2 1/2" HSTs. 
  • Combine (2) 4-patches and (2) pinwheels to form to 8" (finished) blocks. 
  • The hour glass alternating blocks are finished at 8" ---  It looks like I will be a little short on the plaid black/gold/white (shown below), so I may need to improvise a little with the white Kona cotton.  Look closely at the black and see the tiny Fleur de Lis prints -- oh how perfect!  

My checklist for the remainder of the year is shrinking.  I need to finish the binding on 2 rainbow quilts; quilt and bind the churn dash and Saintly Pinwheels as soon as possible.  The other four quilts are due before Christmas.  HOWEVER, I will find the time for Bonnie Hunter's mystery starting the day after Thanksgiving.  

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Ramona said...

Great design! I really like your layout and the colors you are using.

Shannon said...

You always have the prettiest quilts! This one is no exception.

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Great design, and I love how you described it as "born on the wall." Sometimes those are the best designs!

Sylvia said...

I really like this design! I like the positive/negative setting.

Jennifer Davis said...

Thank you again for writing back to me! I was so excited I started working on it this weekend!!

Libby in TN said...

My kind of designer! Love it.

Chantal said...

Striking quilt you are making. Love the fabric you've picked. Beautiful. Will be a stunner once quilted. Great work.