Saturday, March 8, 2014

February Scrappy Challenge

I took this picture 3 weeks ago...then lost my camera.  Although I tore my house apart, it just disappeared.  I have not posted since.  I have been shopping for a new camera, with hopes of finding one similar --- no such luck.

Then an email from Jackie (Black Cat Creations) suggested I use Red/White/Blue for a working pattern.  I went straight to my red stash and there laying among the red fat quarters, nesting quietly is my RED Olympus.  I must have pulled that fat quarter drawer out 100 times looking for the camera.

Now, I have some catching up to do.

I am too late for Judy's link up at Patchwork Times February Scrappy Block, but that is ok, I am just so happy to find my camera!!!!


Mary said...

Better Late than Never. Glad you found your camera. I use my Camera on my phone when I misplace my camera. Love your Scrappy blocks. You know how to do scrappy.

Vicki W said...

Those are pretty blocks! Your camera story is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I can so can a body look in the same spot so many times and not SEE the thing until........ Oh well....I'm so glad you found it. A camera really can be replaced but the nagging thought in the back of your mind ("Where DID that thing go????") will haunt you!!!!! LOL! Hugs.................