Friday, February 7, 2014

Silsbee Tigers

These young men look like they are ready to play some ball!  The Quilt was donated to the team for their banquet and fund raiser.  My Great-nephew, Trevis, is kneeling on the left end.  The first picture I received was blurry, so I am so happy this one came in time for Friday Finishes.

Although I have made this pattern several times, I have been taking pictures to post the pattern and instructions.  Believe it or not .... we have 9-patches, rail fences, squares and HSTs .... all easy blocks. The hardest thing for me was the Tiger in the center.

The part to my long arm came in today, so I will be happy tomorrow if all comes together.  I want to have a good night sleep before tackling the repair.  If all goes well, I hope to have 2 deadline quilts done by Sunday night. If not .... well, let's not go there.

Linking with Sarah and Confessions of a Fabric Addict tonight .... poor Sarah -- her Jolene is waiting for a part too.  I know EXACTLY how she feels - lost.


Sarah Craig said...

LOL! And my part is in New Jersey - snowbound! Oh well - straight line quilting on my tabletop machine makes me appreciate Jolene even more!

That quilt looks familiar - is it the same design you did for the H2H quilt two years ago? (The NOLA quilt?)

Whoop whoop for a great finish!!

DeAnna S said...

Great quilt and for such a good cause. How much did the quilt bring in for the team?