Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Block Information

 Long before Pinterest -- I found a beautiful antique quilt using this block (on point) in Navy and White.  I saved a picture in my phone and did a quick sketch and forgot about it.  Over the weekend, I scoured the internet to give credit to the antique dealer selling the quilt and was unable to find it.  It was not a waste of time, because I had no idea there were so many antique quilts out there.   If I ever do come across it again, I will post it right away.

The units are 4 1/2" (4" finished).  Eight (8) HST's and Eight (8) Four-Patches -- that is it!

 The layout is equally simple -- I used scraps of black and whites.  The Four Patches used 2 1/2" squares.
Everyone has their favorite way to make HSTs -- whatever method you decide to use, they are 4 1/2" (4" finished).

Sew the units together to make the 16 1/2" block (16" finished).  Great way to use up scraps!  I am using the block for the 2013 Rainbow Scrap Challenge hosted by Angela at SoScrappy.  So far, I have done the block in pinks and purples for the challenge -- and the black/white as extra because they are fun!


Sarah Craig said...

Oooh, Jamie, this may be just the thing for the black and white fabrics I've been hoarding for so long!! I love your block - thanks for sharing the design with us!!

heartsease54 said...

I think this is a Jacob's Ladder block, you could google it and see if you can come up with the dealer that way.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Thank you! And thank you SO much for having a print friendly button! So much easier to print out the instructions.