Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Real Thing!

It's Vintage Thursday and I have two items to share.  The above mantel clock was passed down from my maternal Great Grandparents.  The poor clock has been through a 1987 Tornado that destroyed the mechanics and ruined a portion of the framing.  A local woodworker has restored some of the damage, however I am not sure the clock will ever work again.  But that doesn't matter, I will pass it on to my son one day with hopes the stories will be enough. you see what the clock is sitting on???

Another quilt from my great grandmother, all sewn by hand.  Look closely at the blocks below.  No reproduction fabrics here -- they are the real thing from the 30's and 40's.  Several years ago when the the reproduction fabric first came out, I purchased several in hopes of finding some of the exact prints (or close to them).  I still want to reproduce this quilt one day, oh well, another quilt for the wish list.

This quilt is one from my collection that has the least amount of wear.  Granny must have used it sparingly, because I only found a couple of problem areas, which is how I discovered the raw cotton used for batting -- seeds and all!!!


fancystitching said...

Oh what treasures BOTH items are! I find the striped sashing on the quilt interesting... I don't recall seeing many stripes used for sashing in old quilts, but it works very well on this. I have a HUGE collection of reproductions, and am just now getting to the point of actually using them... LOVE those fabrics! Your quilt makes me want to dig in a make something. I think my next one will be a School House quilt with the repros. Happy quilting, Jaimie!

Marti said...

Your clock is beautiful, and your quilt too. I think I have a quilt with some of those same fabrics - made by my great grandmother. And a similar clock. What a coincidence.