Saturday, January 5, 2013

Grace's Quilt, Singer 306K

In 2012, three year old Grace lost her Great Grandmother -- someone she will remember in the future from stories passed on.  Her Grand MaMa loved her blouses, leaving behind a quilter's dream of florals and plaids.  Two quilts were initially made for the two grandchildren by a family friend (Sandy).  I had this idea to  make a smaller version for Grace -- not wanting to leave her out.  Amazingly, there was enough plaids and stripes from the left overs.  To keep the top "girlish", I pulled the border from my stash of plaids.  

Working with sentimental fabrics and blocks over the last few weeks has made me think about my own grandmother's Singer 306K. My sisters and I have all sewn on this machine when we visited Nana.   I pulled her out, cleaned her up, oiled and greased and ordered a new bobbin case and hook system.  She is running great, but needs a little work on the timing.  I sure hope our local guy can take care of a 306K-- which as it turns out is a very DIFFERENT machine -- something I have learned from researching on the web.  Special bobbins, special needles were just the beginning -- this model was one of the first "Zig-Zag" machines using the Cams.


LynCC said...

That's so nice that there were enough left-overs for another quilt!

Anonymous said...

When I first saw that quilt it looked so young and fresh!! It will be loved and treasured for sure! Your choice for the border is so perfect, along with the pinwheel corner blocks. As I am not a collector of "all things Singer", I wasn't aware of the existence of such a machine....fascinating!

Char said...

Great post! Thank you for sharing your vintage machine. I've started reading about all the older machines. The history is very interesting. I just got a Featherweight and over the summer found a Greyhound at a yard sale.
I'm sure Grace will treasure her quilt.