Monday, July 30, 2012

A Kaffe Finish and Eagle's Lake WIP

The floral Kaffe Fassett is done.  I tried out a new quilting feather on the borders and triangle insets, starting a little shaky .... getting better toward the end.  
 Then I used a plain meandering stitch in the brown sashing and circular feathers on the nine patches.  I had much more control on my home machine, but more practice will get me there.

 My newest Eagle's Lake is coming along.  I love when I use the fabric in my stash and improvise with the colors.  When I ran out of the first background, I turned to the the pale golden yellow used in some of the center Eagle blocks.  The color is a little brighter in the picture than in person.  It will be coming off the wall so I can  sew the blocks together -- then you will see it finished at the end of September (other deadlines on the quilting machine come first).

Monday Design Wall is hosted by Judy at Patchwork Times, so I will be linking up.  See ya there.


Jackie said...

Love your Kaffe Finish, it is gorgeous!! Eagle's lake is equally as beautiful!

LynCC said...

The two-tone background adds so much to your Eagle Lake!

Gail said...

Two great quilts. I would never have thought to use that brown for the Kaffe quilt, but it is amazing.

fancystitching said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your Kaffe quilt! And your quilting looks wonderful!

For a feeling of a little more control, you might try lowering the pick-up roller until it slightly rests on the machine bed, and you can feel just a tiny bit of resistence when you move the machine. That gives just enough friction to give you a little more control over the movement. I also have made some rice bags that I place on top of the quilt and machine bed when I am doing something small. That doesn't work well if you are doing a long border and have to keep moving the bags. These are tricks that work well for me, but "to each his own". HTH! KAT

Sarah Craig said...

Oh my, Jamie, that Kaffe is amazing!!! I love the colors, and your quilting is awesome! And Eagle Lake is just beautiful - love your signature pinwheels in it!!

Nann said...

I agree about improvising with the stash -- that bright yellow is so cheerful! And a great setting for those blocks.