Monday, July 30, 2012

A Kaffe Finish and Eagle's Lake WIP

The floral Kaffe Fassett is done.  I tried out a new quilting feather on the borders and triangle insets, starting a little shaky .... getting better toward the end.  
 Then I used a plain meandering stitch in the brown sashing and circular feathers on the nine patches.  I had much more control on my home machine, but more practice will get me there.

 My newest Eagle's Lake is coming along.  I love when I use the fabric in my stash and improvise with the colors.  When I ran out of the first background, I turned to the the pale golden yellow used in some of the center Eagle blocks.  The color is a little brighter in the picture than in person.  It will be coming off the wall so I can  sew the blocks together -- then you will see it finished at the end of September (other deadlines on the quilting machine come first).

Monday Design Wall is hosted by Judy at Patchwork Times, so I will be linking up.  See ya there.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Little Ham and Eagle's Lake

 The Little Ham First -- Almost 3 months old, Jolie is playing "Peek A Boo" with the camera.  She is such a happy baby.

I have started a new "Eagle's Lake" with blue, greens and golds.  This is now my third with this pattern and just may be my new favorite -- I think I always say that.  

New Pattern for Black Cat Creations

On Monday, I showed off my new installed shelves -- here they are filled to the brim!  It looks like I may have a little room left.  Unfortunately, I still need a few more, so for now plastic boxes are my friends.

It's Friday, and time for Sarah's Whoop Day, so I am heading over to link up.  Be sure to check out her vacation project, it is my "Blue Me Away", for Black Cat Creations  -- I can't wait to see it in Oranges.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Musical Pinwheels and Projects

 Almost finished, a variety of Kaffe Fassett with a brown Kona background, this UFO will soon find a new home.

The Musical Pinwheels has been finished and delivered.  The brightly colored quilt with Mardi Gras themed fabrics was fun to make.  With the 8" focus blocks, it was easy to keep the masked fabric highlighted. The pinwheels were black Kona and white/black musical fabric -- perfect fit.

With the long arm table, I lost several feet of fabric storage.  Yesterday, I spent the day putting together these cubical shelves which takes up less space than what I had before.  My DH will secure the shelves to the wall today and when I return from work, I will be filling them up.  I also figured a way to place 3 of the 24" x 36" units under the quilting machine table -- only if I can leave the table in place.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Winner's Circle Finished and Delivered

 On the rack -- the brightly colored quilt I recently finished.  As soon as I finished the Winner's Circle below, I was ready to load this next one.  I have also finished binding a huge aqua blue quilt that I will share much later.  For every quilt you see on my blog, I have another one behind the scene that I can't share just yet.

The Winner's Circle quilt was delivered today to Mary Ann -- I wish I would have snapped a picture with more of her beautiful yard of blooming flowers.  I have a black thumb, so about the only thing that grows around here is my fabric stash.  

I am sharing today with Sarah's linky party at Confessions of a Fabric Addict -- now --  back to my vacation sew-a-thon.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Grunt Report - Winner's Circle

 On the rack -- Mary Ann's queen size top, "Winner's Circle" from the Regina's Quilt Kit is done.  Mary Ann's son gifted her the kit many years ago and will soon go from closet to her bed.  I have quilted enough tops now on my new machine that I was confident to tackle this one.  The center and first border is a floral all-over pattern I perfected from my home machine days.  The solid white outside border will be full of feathers.

The last two quilt tops were floated on the long-arm frame.  I have read both pros and cons on this method -- I have to say I prefer it.  I am able to watch and smooth the batting and able to pick out those pesky dark strings that sometimes show up under the top while quilting.  I can lift the top and replace it quickly.  

I did add a little feature above -- I am using two PVC pipes to weight the top down while I am quilting between the top and back bars..  By pressing the pipes down, I can also smooth the top at the same time keeping the process even.  

Here is a closeup of the floral quilting.  And for those who are wondering, "Grunt" is my machine's nick name.  Because I quilt in a small space, I have to roll her away from the wall when using her and roll her back when I need to use my regular sewing machine -- hence a lot of grunting going on.  I don't mind, because I am so happy to have her.

Happy Independence Day!!