Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Design Wall and Finish

The 2010 Bonnie Hunter Roll Roll Cotton Ball is done!  Using my Christmas gift certificate from son and hubby, Debbie over at the Quilting Niche' quilted this one for me.

 A little backwards, the above picture is the back of the quilt below.  I just put a huge dent in oriental fat quarters that I had never used.  This one is heading to a special person (secret for now).  The pattern, Tequila Sunrise,  is from the magazine, Quilter's World, designed by Carolyn Vagts for the Village Pattern Co. Hurry to the news stands because you will love this pattern.

 A brightly colored quilt above is the 2nd surprise quilt.  I have a design in my head for now -- will have to see how it plays out.  I do know I want black/white pinwheels somewhere.

 Another quilt top in the works is from a kit.  I met Mary Ann at the local YMCA in our swimming / exercise class. Several years ago, she was given this gift from her son, a queen size "Winner's Circle" kit from Regina's Quilt Kits, Inc., out of Tennessee.  I tried looking for a web link, however no luck -- Mary Ann did say it has been years.   I have most of the 80 curves done and need to go back and add the corner units.  It would help if I had a clean design wall so we can see this one come together.  Her son will be surprised when he sees the finished project.

 Of course, I cannot do a post without a little update on Jolie (my great-niece)!  She is growing like a weed and already likes us to read to her.
All of the rows are done for the  Orca Bay 2011 Mystery Quilt, by Bonnie Hunter.  I have boxed them away for another day.  I needed a "leader / ender" project for all of the projects I am working on.

The hidden project on the long-arm is a new pattern.  After practicing on the first five quilts, I am now tackling this large queen size top -- you will see this one much later.

What are you working on???  Hope you linked up with Judy at Patchwork Times, I am heading there now to check out the links.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your projects! I am loving Roll Roll and Orca Bay. I just started working on the wings to the string blocks. All of the Ohio Star blocks are complete. I am going out of order, of course.

Gail said...

Your RRCB is fantastic! Makes me wish that I had participated in that one. Your Tequila Sunrise-if that is the one with 'bricks' staggered vertically, is like one I just completed and is on my blog for last Monday. I like your fabrics better. My pattern went with a fabric collection and is several years old.

Karen said...

I love all your quilts especially the Bonnie Hunter quilts.

Angie said...

Love your RRCB - great color choices!

Sarah Craig said...

Oh, Jamie, so much loveliness on your blog today!! I love your RRCB, and the colors in your Orca Bay are awesome! The oriental quilt is quite stunning, and the next two are really cool too! And look at little Jolie - she's looking good!! Sneaking out a little smile there... I love it!

Mary said...

Nice finishes. Even a flimsy is a finish in my book this year. Will have to wait and see your secret on the longarm. I'm glad you got one to play on. Have a great week.

gailss said...

Nice to see you on the blog again....looks like you were very busy and love the do such great work.

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Love all the quilts you are showing today! Beautiful finishes and works in progress.

I didn't look it up but I think the Winners Circle might be a Terry Atkinson Design (Atkinson Designs) or something like that.