Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dance of the Tiger goes to "Relay for Life"

"Dance of the Tiger" was part of the LARGEST Relay for Life Celebration in Louisiana.  I say that proudly, because the people of Terrebonne Parish have made this happen.

 I now miss this quilt -- one of my all time favorites.  Above is a close up of the border.  I will need to make another one, but for now, I will have to visit pictures.

 My niece Alexis liked it too!  Here she is modeling.  It is hard to see the border against the dark carpet, but those purples just popped.

I hope whoever won this quilt last Saturday will hug it every night.  And if anyone would like to make this quilt, here are the instructions for Steps 1 - 4.   The Border measurements are as follows (assuming width of fabric "WOF" = 40 inches.  Because I used scraps and stash on hand, I have not included any fabric requirements.

  • Border #1 (Black Fabric), Cut (7) 1 1/2" x  WOF   strips, sew together diagonally.     Measure top to bottom down the middle and cut 2 strips using this measurement.  Sew these strips to each side and press the border to the outside  Then, measure side to side across the center and cut (2) strips using this measurement.  Sew to the top and bottom and press to the outside.  
  • Border #2 (Tiger Print), Cut (8) 2 1/2" WOF strips, sew together diagonally  Repeat the instructions above.
  • Border #3 (Purple), Cut (4) 6 1/2" x 76" Length of Fabric.  Repeat the instructions above.


Quiltjane said...

Wow, the feathers are wonderful. The quilt looks gorgeous.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Beautiful, as always. Lovely work.