Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vacation Over

Mardi Gras Weekend is over and our visiting family heads back to Texas. We had so many places and sites to see, including several parades, the unique Chauvin Sculpture Gardens, replica's of Columbus' Nina and Pinta, and craft projects. Sadly, still no sewing.

For scale, imagine each of these life forms human size. The light house was amazing. I wonder what the artist was thinking when he created each piece.

The young lady playing the harp was one of my favorites. All of the faces had these expressions that I cannot even describe.

For the crafty projects, the kids were given wooden letters to paint and then decorate with buttons. Above, "A" for 10-year old Austin, painted his like a "quilt". Each of kids were also given a very special button from the military uniforms of their Great-Great Grandfather.

The next one is "A" for 5-year old Alexis. Her pink puppy on the right is playing with her special button. I asked them to sign and date their projects when they finished .... Alexis was so cute, she signed and dated "Today is Tuesday".

With my fingers crossed, the broken part needed to fix my Janome 6500 machine has been identified, ordered and will arrive very soon. All of my projects started for the Janome were put aside for the last 5 weeks so as to not mess with the consistent seam -- and of course, a complete stall on quilting tops. I came very close to buying another Janome (1600) to have as spare -- but regrettably talked myself out of it twice. With only weeks away from buying the mid-arm, it just did not seem reasonable.


Angie said...

Love the Kenny Hill Sculpture Garden! Went Geocaching there several years ago and it also happened to be the Blessing of the Fleet celebration in Chauvin - there was a boat parade going down the bayou and all the local families were out picnic-ing and enjoying the beautiful day. Wonderful memories!

LynCC said...

Wow-sure would love to see that lighthouse

Sarah Craig said...

Glad to see you back! Hope your sewing machine is up and running really soon....

Michele said...

Sounds like you had a nice vacation! I hope your machine gets well soon :-)