Saturday, November 26, 2011

Looking Back - First Quilt

Over at Bonnie Hunter (a.k.a. Quiltville Fame), she has taken us on a look back to our first quilts. This is the first quilt I started and finished on my own - over several years. While living with my grandparents in the Summer of 1974 at the age of 18, I was surrounded by quilts in different stages.

Helping my grandmother finish quilts left by her mother was my start. However, she had this big box of plaid scraps, some cut from a couple of old shirts from my grandfather. I cut a template and carefully drew squares on all the scraps, cutting them out with a pair of scissors. The center was sewn and boxed away. Years passed -- a job, finishing school, marriage and a son later, the box was found, borders added -- even my first attempt at applique -- and hand quilted. It is still one of my favorites.

Thank you Bonnie -- it was fun looking back. For more fun, Bonnie has created a link over at Quiltville for all to share that "First Quilt".


Linda said...

Great quilt! Great story!

Belinda said...

Wow....applique AND hand quilting too! How brave you were back then!! I guess having a grandmother around for guidance was helpful!

I'm quite impressed with your beginner quilt!

Sarah Craig said...

I love the cats! Great quilt!

Melinda said...

It doesn't look like a first quilt. Thanks for sharing.

connie in louisiana said...

Very nice, and what great memories!