Thursday, August 25, 2011

"GO TO" Pattern - Part 2

Here is my Short Stack System -- the plastic drawers are around 13 x 13.

I stash the Short Stack pieces, by Black Cat Creations, in each of the drawers, then when I have enough of one theme (or color like this one) they are arranged on the design wall, labeled by rows and each block is stored between paper towels until I need them (open drawer on the left) -- even the borders are cut.

The one above was cut out last year and stored for later assembly -- almost done.

Phyllis and her granddaughter Alexis started working on this one last week.

And lastly -- here is another one I made for my husband, Christmas 2009. I guess it is obvious this is one of my favorite "GO TO" Patterns -- so what is yours?

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Sarah Craig said...

Right now, the sudoku pattern is my go-to pattern - but I'm ready for a change! Convince me!!