Sunday, June 26, 2011

H2H Update and Stash Report

Not a fancy picture, but the H2H Quilt is done except for hand sewing the binding down. Just in time to join Sarah for her monthly H2H update over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. A special thanks to KatieQ for setting the pace with the beautiful fabric swap. After the hand work is done, I will take a few more pictures, along with the backing for the Friday Finish.

June Stash Report:

Used (Finished) (17 yards)
Used To Date: (96.40)
Purchased: 5
Purchased To Date: 70.25
NET BUSTED: (26.15) -- Goal 150 yards

For more Stash Reports, visit Judy over at Patchwork Times.


Judy D in AZ said...

Nice! I just love blue and yellow quilts. I'm working on one myself. Thanks for showing this one.

pcflamingo said...

Yum! Blue and yellow are so nice together. I really like the pattern of that quilt.

Sarah Craig said...

It's beautiful, Jamie! I like the pattern - is it one of yours?

JCnNC said...

Very nice - Love the pattern. Judy C

Diane E W said...

Always have a soft spot for blue and yellow quilts. This is beautiful. Pattern is very nice, yours?

Char said...

Great quilt! Love the blue and yellow combination.