Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Houston Quilt Show

As a Quilt Magazine Junkie, I have enjoyed reading cover to cover the stories of quilters, designers, shops and magazine staff. One of those names Heidi Kaisand, a previous long-time Executive Editor for the Better Homes and Gardens, American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine. Heidi is now the National Sales Manager for APQS, so I ran into her while test driving long arm machines -- how exciting! Also with her, Pat Sloan (sadly, no picture) -- who owns a George that I test drove last year.

Speaking of APQS and George, my love for the "George" sit-down quilting machine is still prevalent, however a long arm eliminates the need for basting (yuk!). One of my favorite features not mentioned much in the web-world, vibration. I walked away from the "Lenni" and "Millennium" with minimal vibration (you know.... the body shaking even after the machine stops). REALLY appreciated this.

While in Houston, I tried every brand of machine there except maybe two. All perform well, all have bells and whistles, all have high and low end pricing. I have brought home a stack of notes and brochures. Last night, I surfed a few sites for owner comments. Very little negative anywhere -- good sign. Also have friends who own a Gammil and A-1 ... both very happy with their machines and company support. Both are in the business of quilting tops for customers. My use -- a HUGE "bucket list" for family, friends and charity. So .... the journey continues.

Of course, I had to stop by the "Moda Bake Shop" to visit my own quilt on display. I met the Director of Marketing, Lissa above and Angela below with Web/Marketing. Their booth had to be one of the best! Even though I traveled to Houston for the show and visiting family, I am now back at home working on the next Moda Bake Shop project.

All three of these ladies were a joy meeting. They are so sweet, gorgeous and very tall (I am 5'7")!


Gwen said...

At one time my dream was a Liberty!
Alas the house with the room did not happen so they very nicely refunded my deposit. I have since quilted on a Lenni at a retreat and fell in love all over again. I'm measuring every room in the house and casting a "mean" eye on DH's office! Good luck in your decision!

Angela said...

I am so glad I was able to meet you! It was such a pleasure to finally put a face with a name and beautiful quilt! Thanks so much for letting us borrow your quilt to put on display. It is beautiful! I will be sending it back to you this week.
Thanks and can't wait to see your next project posted on the MBS!