Saturday, October 9, 2010

Retreat Quilters, Part 3 -- Antique Quilts

Pearl brought this antique quilt her husband received from his Great Aunt. The quilt, c.1930's was from the pattern "Harrow"???? I researched the pattern and could not find anything, so I may have wrote down the wrong name. The quilt was absolutely beautiful -- perfectly stitched.

Carolyn's story of the Dutch Dolls just tugged at my heart. Back in the mid 1930's, her mom made four of the Dutch Doll Blocks and ended up giving them away. Fast forward, Carolyn came into possession of 29 Dutch Doll Blocks which she has finished into this quilt, four of them her mothers. Carolyn is not sure which ones are her mom's, but just knowing they are part of her quilt must be comforting.

As much as I like sharing my own quilts, this little adventure was such a treat. I loved gathering the stories from each of the quilters and taking the pictures of their prized possessions. Stay tuned, Part 4 coming soon.

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