Thursday, September 16, 2010

Saintly Borders - Mini Tutorial

Measure the dimension of your quilt after the 1st border would be added -- this finished top is 56 x 40, with 1st 2" border = 60 x 44, dimension = 208/40" (LOF) = 5.2, round up to 6 strips needed. Join ALL of the strips diagonally to make one long strip.
Fold the longest side of the quilt in half and lay on your cutting area, making sure the raw edges are in line. Starting from the raw edge (right side in this picture), lay the long border strip from right to left, fold the strip at the folded edge of the quilt, repeat for four layers.

Trim off the excess at the raw edge. While the two strips are still folded, I cut out a TINY little notch to identify the center of the borders.

Starting from the center, line the notched center and pin the center and edge, then pin between. Notice my pins are about 1" from the edge.

Start sewing, notice I don't remove the pins while sewing. I don't speed sew, don't like to stop and start ... just like continued easy pace. Is that lazy? Maybe.

Repeat the process for the next border. Measure dimensions after the 2nd border is added, divide by four, etc. Four layers, trim, pin and sew.

And Done! Although I quilt my own tops, this one is heading to Debbie at the Quilting Niche'. They have the cutest football stencils (ok, guys don't say "cute" in football). I want this Saintly creation to be an obvious football snuggle quilt.

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Charlene S said...

thanks for sharing your method.