Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another "Tie Inspired" Quilt Top

If I didn't need several small quilts, I think this one would have been larger. I am already digging through my stash to make this one again, in a larger size. Very Easy, Very Fast. I actually started this one last night.

I started with my stash of 2" strips, separating them into colors. Pulled the reds, greens and blues. Sewed 3 green strips, 3 blue strips and 2 red strips. I also pulled from my large collection of background pieces and found a 3 yard neutral (more than enough for this top).

When I finish the top, I will prepare a pattern and post later in the month. I am not sure how the border will end up ... as you can see, I am playing with a few left over squares off to the side. Might end up being a pieced border.

For more "Tie Inspired" Tops, stay tuned in the month of July. I use the men's ties to inspire (not copy) quilt patterns. So far, I am using scraps to make the tops -- which is helping me tame some of those overflowing drawers.

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Sarah Craig said...

That is seriously cute!! Good work!!