Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stash and Pillowcase Report, Week 25

Eeeeegadddds...Next week stash report will not be good. I am going back to Slidell, LA this morning to the GSQA Quilt Show. Vendors are everywhere .... Quilts are everywhere .... Inspiration is everywhere!

The pictures are from the Quilting Niche', owned by Debbie Frank. Debbie along with her partner in crime, husband Patrick have put together a little shop of horrors! Since I worked with them yesterday, I have been an unwitting witness to the customers who were drugged by the yards of beautiful fabric, the awesome patterns everywhere (designed by Debbie herself) and the endless expertise . I can't wait to go back.

Added this week, 5 yards

Added Year To Date, 155.85

Used (Finished), (6.5)

Used To Date, (236.50)

Net, (80.65)

This week, -0-

Year To Date, 36

Donated Kits, 17

For more stash reports, visit Judy at Patchwork Times and see if anyone else has been having fun.


Dee said...

Great effort stash busting! You've used a lot of fabric this year. I'm going on a field trip to a quilt shop with my bee this week, so I expect my totals to take a hit as well. But at least we're supporting our local economy!

JudyL said...

Sometimes you just have to do a bit of enhancing. You're doing great so far.

Judy said...

I've seen several things that would have come home with me. :-) Have fun at the quilt show!!

Amy said...

Have fun at the quilt show. That is alot of temptation in one place. I'll be in the same boat next week. The Quilting Niche does have some beautiful quilts. I'm especially loving the Cherish and Figgy Pudding Quilts. Very pretty!