Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Design Walls, June 28, 2010

To the left, my Tie Inspired Quilt Top. I am auditioning borders and think I found a fit. From the left-overs of other projects, the small inner is a black with pink polka dots, a very bright green in the middle and a large-print. If you go back and visit the tie that inspired (not copied), you can see the hint of the pattern.

I have a huge collection of ties, with several having quilt patterns deep within, just waiting to come out. I will be stocking up on baby quilt tops using Tie Inspired Patterns -- all of which I will share as they develop. Just a note, I also collect paper towel sheets, pictures of buildings (architectual designs) and sketches from visits to grave yards!

Next is the Spicy Snowballs.... then staying with the spicy theme, the back below is pieced from left overs and a few hot-peppers!

For more design wall projects, we can all hop over to Judy site at Patchwork Times. Judy has a wall full of nine patches, which I am sure will be something special.


Sarah Craig said...

Love your tie-inspired top, but ooooh, the colors in that snowball quilt are wonderful!! Good work!!

Kerri said...

I love both quilts. Brights are my favorite. The diagonals in the tie pattern are so striking with the green star corners.

Quilter Kathy said...

Love those spicy snowballs!

Judy said...

The pink quilt is FABULOUS!!!! Someone is going to be very lucky to own it. Love, love, love the spicy snowballs. Any patchwork is my favorite backing!

AnnieO said...

Nice design wall eye candy! I like your borders on the first quilt a lot. Polka dots can never go wrong.