Monday, June 14, 2010

Design Wall Monday, June 14th

Played around with the Survivor Game Blocks. Not sure how big it will be when I am finished. I have not touched the snowball rows from last week, because I have been busy with the Plaid and Red/White Quilts.

Here is a glimpse of the Plaid Quilt's back. I am about half way through quilting, then I will start quilting the Red/White tops.
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Quilter Kathy said...

The plaid quilting looks yummy!

Cherie said...

I'm loving the setting you're using for your Survivor blocks. You sure get a lot accomplished in a week!

SarahVee said...

Your setting really pulls the Survivor blocks together. What a fun project!

sophie said...

I really like how you're setting the survivor blocks, too. The color choice is really pulling it all together.

Vicki said...

I love the doodles from the sketch pad and how they are translating on the quilt!! I want to do that on my quilt, great job.