Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Survivor Bee"

The "Survivor Bee" is a small group who watch the show Survivor on Thursday nights. We all have been assigned a player -- mine is Parvati. On Friday, some of the "Survivor Bee" girls came together to turn in our Survivor Idol Blocks. The first to get "kicked off" the show won fat quarters of Oriental Fabric we each put up. The winner will receive half yard of Oriental Fabric. The Runners up will win blocks made by each player of our version of an Immunity Idol.

On Friday, we met to turn in our "Idol" blocks. What talented ladies we have! Some of them were captured in our group picture above.

Here is mine -- I also added an Immunity Necklace. On Sunday night, we will find out who wins the loot! Go Parvati!

Funny story -- I sew early in the morning before work and don't have my contacts in yet to see far. WELL --- I run to take my shower, start washing my hair, look down and nearly have a heart attack! I thought I had a ROACH as a shower partner. After falling all over myself to get out, turns out it was one of the cut outs from the steam-a-seam applied mask!

Thank goodness I have my camera back...I have a few posts to make up for!


Sarcastic Quilter said...

that's a great idea and fun way to get together! :)

Elizabeth said...

We don't have roaches here, but I've often mistaken lint for spiders as a showering partner without my contacts in (lol!). I love your Survivor Bee! What a fun idea!

Marie-P said...

I love the Survivor Blocks, what a great idea. I also enjoyed your story about showering with the "roach" ~ made me laugh!
I feel blessed that I am friends with one of your members, Mary Lea. She now lives in my neighborhood...I am sure that you all miss her.

Susan said...

I love this 'Bee"' what a great idea.