Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Janome 6500, Bobbin Case

Those of us who have the Janome 6500 have a Love-Hate relationship with our machines. We love the work-horse characteristics.....we love the wide base....but we HATE the jumping bobbin case....*^*$&$%#$!!! The bobbin case wears out and causes havoc. I clean and oil my own machines -- I am good to my girls. I am under the gun (of course) niece is graduating from high school in next few weeks; another niece due to give birth in May; and a quilt show deadline of May 4th!
A big thanks to Alan, at Sew Vac Direct in College Station, Texas. A very pleasant young man who took my order over the phone, let me cry on his shoulder and then put TWO bobbin cases on the UPS truck. One regular and one for free motion (new). I have already received my shipping confirmation and expect the delivery in 2-3 days. I love the ease of the Internet, however there is nothing like picking up the phone and having a sympathetic person on the other end.


Kim West said...

Thank you for posting about this!!! My machine has been acting so erratic lately (mainly with invisible thread) that it is bugging me. I was thinking of having it serviced - it does need it) - but like you I am under the gun for some projects. As soon as payday hits in a few days I will order a new one, because my bobbin case - I have the 6500 too! - looks a lot like yours, if not worse. This will get me by a few more months and I can get those projects done and then put the machine in at my leisure. We have only one Janome service person on the island and he is backed up a lot.

Lori said...

sometimes we NEED that sympathetic shoulder to cry on!~